Our History

L'Equipe Monteur S.A. is a company specialized in thermoplastic transformation. It has been operating in Córdoba, Argentina since May 1990, manufacturing products for different and important automotive companies in our country and abroad.

It currently has state-of-the-art machines in its facilities for the manufacture of injected plastic parts, with laser weakening processes, vibration and ultrasonic welding, paint and thermoforming technology with woodstock, among others, all operating according to strict controls, based on international quality standards.

In 1995, the beverage industry joined our client portfolio, with the manufacture of soda crates for PEPSI COLA ARGENTINA, and in 1998 we also started with the production and delivery of crates for different breweries such us QUILMES and CCU.

From 1999 to 2003, numerous technological cooperation agreements were established with some key companies for the development of RENAULT MEGANE, KANGOO, PARTNER and PEUGEOT 206 projects, as well as also with some other companies for the assembly of instrument panels for the JEEP CHEROKEE in its XJ and ZX versions at the CHRYSLER CORDOBA PLANT (today disaffected).

This increase in activity culminated in the opening of a new industrial plant of 1200 m2 in 2002 in the city of Buenos Aires, which was expanded to 1600 m2 in the year 2003, reaching 6,400 m2 in 2006, with the additional provision of 4,300 m2 ofwarehouses and production areas.

In 2004, agreements with some companies allowed us to access to the engineering to develop the instrument panels and door panels of the PEUGEOT 307 (today disaffected) and more recently, in 2016, to projects for all plastic perimeters of the new Pick-Up NISSAN FRONTIER, RENAULT ALASKAN and MERCEDES BENZ X-CLASS, a historic milestone in the automotive industry, even worldwide.

On the other hand, the good positioning that our company has systematically achieved through the years, allowed us to directly directly to major projects such as VW FOX, VW SURAN, CORSA 4300, PEUGEOT 307, CITROEN C3 and CITROEN C4.

From 2008 to 2010 we also were awarded with new models such as the AGILE from GENERAL MOTORS, the PEUGEOT 308, CLIO and SYMBOL, VW AMAROK, SIENA FLP, from fenders to instrument panels and door panels.

The constant search for the highest level of quality is manifested concretely in the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, which are being integrated continously in our manufacturing procesess.